JARO SOUND can help you to improve your future record before the recording process. Better songwriting, better arranging and better “feeling”, that’s what helps to bring the level of your material from average to awesome.


The recording process is probably the most important part because it makes the biggest impact on the result. We can record your stuff in an external location. We can also supervise the recording process if you want to record by yourself.


Mixing stage is crucial to achieving the perfect sounding record, that’s why it’s necessary the competent professional to do this. We offer GREAT sounding mixdown of your recorded material backed by years of experience in different genres. Mixing service also includes editing, re-amping and mastering for free.


Re-amping allows not to be limited just by the guitar sound dialed in the studio, where you recorded your material, so there is more flexibility to switch between different guitar sounds and to choose the one that fits the best in the mix. JARO SOUND have some nice variety of amps and cabs, a lot of Kemper Profiling Amp profiles and other stuff to make your guitar sounding massive. It’s included in mixing for free.


The final touch when the mix is polished, glued and optimized to sound good on all devices and streaming services. We offer STEREO and STEM-mastering depending on how much control over the track is needed. When ordering our mastering services you’ll receive separate masters for different formats absolutely for free. So besides one usual master, you’ll also get the master optimized for streaming services such as Spotify etc. Mastering for vinyl is available upon request.

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