After several unsuccessful searches we have finally found someone who is:

1) responsible

2) punctual

3) patient

4) creative

In short – fifth Beatle. I advise to mix stoner stuff here.

We chose Jaro Sound out of 60 other studios and we did not regret. The result – our new album is the sound we wanted. You may not like it, but it’s becuase of OUR vision and as for the Jaroslav’s competence – I can describe it as highly professional, details-and-client-oriented. Than you once again, it was a hard work but a pleasure too!

We have been working with Jaro Sound for almost two years, first a single, then an album. Everything is professional and on time, this is important. Jaroslav corrected any wishes and changes until everything did not suit me – and I’m a harmful client. He works great with references, delves into the nuances and selects the sound that suits your style. It is easy to work with him, full understanding. Highly recommend!

Even if you have a vision which you’re not able to put on paper, Jaro is patient, kind enough and capable of helping you get the sound you were looking for! Excellent collaboration.

It was a great opportunity to work with such a professional as Yaroslav. He is very attentive to the details, can always give useful advice during the work, sociable and punctual. We liked that the our single sounds modern, powerful and high-quality like a top-quality metal tracks.

JARO fixed our mix very effectively and quickly, we appreciate great communication and of course the SOUND he can do! Definitely coming back!

This is the 3rd time that we (Path of Destiny) worked with Jaro Sound and I think this is quite approval enough of our satisfaction! 😀 This guy is really constructive and takes care of all wishes that a band has towards mixing and mastering. Last but not least you also really get a lot of value for your money!

Amazing mix by Jaroslav. I’ve asked him to mix from Japan and did data work but time difference wasn’t any problem and the pace of adjustments were fast also.

Having Jaroslav master our tracks was amazing. He’s such a professional. He really knows how to make the best of the song and at a awesome speed and price. Totally recommended.

At first I was just amazed with the price and the quality, this is not possible in S.Korea or probably anywhere around in Asia. The work flow is comfortable, as if I’ve been already working with this team for a few times together. In every version of mixing and mastering I can also feel the passion and hard work from all4band’s (All4Band, official JARO SOUND partner) team, which is very respectful.

Jaro is the best that could have happened to us and the production of our album! The work with him is very relaxed and absolutely effective at the same time. He is responsive to any kind of request and tries to work them out as constructively as possible. Besides, he is always assisting by giving hints and advice on how to get the best out of the material. We are more than happy with the final result and can barely wait to get working with him again.

Work with Jaroslav is very nice. Extremely talented and understandable sound engineer! We would like to thank him for the excellent job from the whole team of AGIMW!

We work with Yaroslav on mastering of the album. Cooperation is very comfortable and calm. He hears all the wishes and also makes strict compliance with agreed terms. Yaroslav also work prefectly on mixing too. I’m sure that he can work on any project without any problems. We encourage cooperation with him.

Many thanks to Yaroslav, everything was fine, a great person, very pleasant, always helpful and advises how to achieve the best result. We like to work with him, so if you want an interesting, live and original sound – just ask him.

We decided to mix and master our mini-album at JARO SOUND. All our wishes were fulfilled remarkably clear and with a high quality, so now we’re very satisfied! Jaroslav suits to each job individually and with inspiration as an artist. Therefore there’re no doubts about whether to trust him!

Jaro did awesome work with our music! Really what we expected and even more! Sound recording, design, producing in brilliant way! Highly recommend this dude! A true professional! We are looking forward for new collaboration!

Azathoth Circle Band brings the appreciation to the Jaro Sound studio for the masterfully done mixing and mastering work.Thanks to you our album has acquired sound flesh. You’re the best! Cheers!

Please never work with Jaro Sound, I would really appreciate to have him for myself only 😃 Quick response, highest quality and generally – the best cooperation on my memory. Thank you.

It’s been great to work with Jaro.
Quick answers & High quality sound.

Jaro is a super sound engineer. He has been very patient with me, and deliver amazing results based on my vague descriptions and crappy tones.

I thought it is impossible to provide such a sound from my source files. But Jaro Sound did that! Really amazing result! Will work with them also in future for 100%. Special thanks for fast responses and easy communication. +++

It’s always a pleasure to work with Jaro, the real man of sound. High-quality service for a friendly price. Definitely not the last collaboration.

Thank you!

So we did it again! After already working with Jaro on the re-production of one song back in 2013, we decided to choose him to do mix and master for our new upcoming album. We were amazed because you truly get more than your money’s worth!
But what do we like about working with Jaro?
He is always very helpful with tipps and hints regarding the whole process. Also he was very patient with our tons of questions and changes. Смайлик «wink» He always tries to make everything possible, that we ask for.
So again, we are happy with the results and recommend everybody interested to check out Jaro Sound!

Jaro is a perfect producer! He just has what we need to create the correct atmosphere with the right sound! Great person , polite with customers and great precision on the work. He is family for us!

This guy filled our expectations doing a freaking good work he made an incredible mix for our first album just listen at this magnificent work.

Jaro did some awesome work with our track! He really knows what he’s doing and that’s why we really appreciate working with him so much! But that’s not everything: His attitude concerning customer relations is very professional! No problems in any way!
And most important: The track sounds killer! We definitly will come back to Jaro for our album

It was great working with Jaro on mixing and mastering two live shows. Always delivering on time, always understanding our requests and adapting to the given situation. Highly recommended!

We are very pleased with Jaro’s work on mastering our music. The mix got much clearer and gained a lot of sound!

Remembering the day when you realized that after many years you still can’t found a professional who can not only hear, but to understand and support too. It seemed that there was no hope for a high-quality sound anymore. But as it happens in all fairy tales – the hero appeared almost out of nowhere. At the moment, I haven’t heard sound better than Jaro Sound creates! I am sure that the future of this studio will be, without exaggeration, great!”

Evening. April 2014.

Great work, great communication, prompt, real quality and attractive prices!
thanks Jaroslav! Hope to work with you again!

Everything is good, perfect responsible attitude to the customers, which is rare nowadays. Cool sound, excellent works. Recommend!

Jaroslav – the most adequate for professional that we met for the last time. Very nice, fast, high quality and financially loyal! Respect for good work from My Lovely Alien band. Thanks again!

Hello World! My name is Andrew and I play in a band InOne. The result of our collaboration with Yaroslav were two singles: “The Shapeshifter” and “Stay”. As you can hear tracks are groovy and at the same time light, airy – so you want to listen to them again and again. In addition, Jaroslav showed his best qualities: responsibility, punctuality, patience to the desires of the client and most importantly – focus on the highest quality result. And while you are still doubting if to mix your stuff in Jaro Sound, his prices slowly rising, becaus such a professional doesn’t sit without work.

P.S. Guess where InOne will mix it’s future material?

Jaro mixed our debut album “Once Human” and did an amazing job. He helped us a lot to find the right sound and his effort to please our high claims made his work even better! If you are looking for a mixer with passion, quality and also decent pricing. Jaro Sound is your man!

Jaro is a competent music engineer and producer. Has tons of patience and do not stop until you are pleased with the result.
I definitely recommend this guy!!

Working with Jaroslav is really easy and results are high above expectations!
First three songs of our EP are mixed and mastered by Jaroslav (that’s why they sound great, while recording was done at home and was far from being perfect)

We really enjoyed working with Jaro! We got 11 tracks with different ideas and arrangements for the songs, so we needed a completely new sound, a new standard for each one of songs and the sound of guitars, drums, etc … Everything has been done very excellent! We are very happy! For sure we will continue work with Jaro Sound!!! With the best regards to Jaro from all of members of Megapolis Witches

Jaroslav did an absolutely fantastic job on our new album. The workflow with him is easy, time saving and the results of his mixing are incredible. looking forward to further releases mixed and mastered by him.

I’m always very scrupulous in my work on music. Every small detail is important for me, everything has to sound exactly how I’ve planned. So the sound producer I’m working with should be very hardworking. Also I’m eager to work with creative people who have their own opinion on music and enough experience and knowledge to support their words with deeds. So the sound producer I’m working with should be really ingenious and skillful. And of course I prefer to work with well-mannered and responsible people. Jaro from JARO SOUND has all these qualities. It was a real pleasure to work with him on “Miracle” and I’m looking forward to cooperate with him again in the nearest future.

P.S. And this guy is also an awesome guitarist! All the guitar parts of the “Miracle” single including the acoustic one were excellently performed by Jaro.

Great job, we are really satisfied! Jaro knew where we wanted to get to right from the start. Also, thanks a lot for your tips for recording the guitars. We’re looking forward to working with him again!

I can’t even express my gratitude for your services (All4Band, official JARO SOUND partner). Great work, great prices, great communication, and great timing. No one in the world does this quality of work except you.

“Jaro is the best that could have happened to us and the production of our album! The work with him is very relaxed and absolutely effective at the same time. He is responsive to any kind of request and tries to work them out as constructively as possible. Besides, he is always assisting by giving hints and advice on how to get the best out of the material. We are more than happy with the final result and can barely wait to get working with him again.”

This guy really knows how to Mix !, impressive job Jaro did with our songs and the fact that he is always available to help you out makes working with him so easy and fluently. Allways recomended to work with. Amazing producer and super nice person.

We just finished with All4Band (official JARO SOUND partner) and are extremely happy with the results. We recorded this material ourselves and the sound engineer were able to take our recordings to a level we didn’t expect. We are so satisfied with the professionalism and great communication they showed us, that we will definitely be using their services in the future.

It was something completely new for us, to record our music in Czech Republic and then to mix it in Sweden. We had high expectations about the result and in final we got what we wanted, cause we looked for a professional, than know how to make metal sound good. That was a great experience for us, respect for your work Jaroslav!

Started to work with Jaro Sound in February 2013 and still working at our second LP. Everything is fine, we recommend this guy for all the bands who want to have a great sound!

Jaroslav mixed some of my songs in LP and I was more than satisfied with the result of his work. Want to work with him in future more.

We like everything a lot, high quality, easy to work together. Thank you very much for the work done with our singles!

Many thanks to Yaroslav and JARO SOUND from the band “The Cell #4” for straightaway and damn good work! All wishes were heard and everything was done by 100%! Being under tight time constraints Yaroslav was able to do everything to make our music sounding by the highest standards!

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